Carnal Anomaly

Carnal Anomaly is a fine art photography book that poses the question, what if the human body were an artifice, an artifact, or a tool? With the aid of dramatic lighting, striking contrasts of color, and provocative poses, these brilliant color photographs re-envision the human body through stunning portrayals of fetish, BDSM, and body modification.

Maxwell Lander is a Toronto portrait photographer, designer, artist, and full time nerd. He makes bold images, and prides himself on convincing the “I’m not photogenic” people to blame their previous photographers. He has shot the faces of Eddie Izzard, Divine Brown, The Barenaked Ladies, and Serena Ryder, and has been featured in Publications such as VICE, The Globe and Mail, Xtra!, Be (France), Magpie Darling (London), and Curve, as well as participated in countless gallery shows, both solo and group.

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